about nova

Give us boundaries. Give us problems to solve and uncharted territories to conquer. Give us concepts, creativity and collaboration. And we will give you adventure. We will give you discovery. We will give you beauty, rhythm and emotion. We believe in meaningful stories and limitless imagination and we want to create, with you. It just so happens that we specialise in post production.

Fraser Rowe and Nic Goodwin have brought together some of the most exciting talent in post production to offer a complete solution from on-set editing to streaming to stations. Nova specialises in offline editing, online editing, grading as well as audio design and mixing. We also offer unmatched storage solutions, alternative workflows and the best attitude you’ve probably ever encountered. Like we said, a complete solution.

If you’d like to stop by and check us out, we are located at 64 Bompas Avenue, Dunkeld, Jozi. Our coffee machine is on and our door is always open. In the meantime, have you met our showreel section? It’s dying to meet you. No seriously, it won’t shut up about you.

latest work

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